Harry Vos

Portrait of Harry Vos, 2019. Smiling white man in his late 20s with short dark brown hair and a trimmed beard. Wearing a smart beige sports jacket over a white t-shirt.

I'm an experienced product manager in CopenhagenĀ šŸ‡©šŸ‡°

I help organisations create effective products, built for their customers. I like building products for environmental or social impact.

Most recently, I scaled Maersk's products to help more customers to understand and reduce their supply chainĀ emissions.

In the UK government, I launched GOV.UK Forms, coached GovTech startups on product management, and helped keep services running after Brexit.

I care about how teams work as much as what teams build. To improve equity in product and design communities, I helped grow a mentoring programme for people from underrepresented groups, benchmarked community demographics and made community sessions more inclusive.

Previously, as a consultant, I advised executives across different sectors on product, digital transformation, customer experience and service design. I worked with EY and Accenture, as well as smaller agencies inĀ London.

Last updated: 13 May 2024

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